🔧The First Memecoin-NFT Hybrid

Non-Playable Coin is made to be uniquely liquid on both NFT marketplaces and Uniswap.

That's what meme-fungible tokens (MFTs) are all about. And it's very simple.

  • Trade it as a memecoin on any decentralized exchange like Uniswap.* The ticker is NPC.

  • Trade it as a JPEG on any NFT marketplace that supports ERC1155 tokens like OpenSea or Sudoswap. The ticker is NPCMFT.

Remember, you can hold either NPCMFT or NPC. It doesn't matter. They are identical and are always convertible 1:1 using our dApp.


You can switch between NPC and NPCMFT with little gas cost using the dApp on our website.

There are two core functions:

  • RESPAWN as a character: convert your NPC tokens into NPC MFT.

  • TRANSFORM yourself into a memecoin: convert your NPC MFT into NPC.

And that's all there is to it.

Non-Playable Coin bridges NFTs and memecoin markets in a really simple way.

*note: most of the liquidity is on Uniswap as NPC

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