💡How About We Make NFTs More Like Memecoins?

Let's do something completely different.

  1. Every NFT (ERC1155) is the exact same. Let's call this the base layer. Think of it as your canvas.

  2. Make this base ERC1155 NFT super-liquid. It's tradable on Uniswap as a memecoin and on NFT marketplaces. You can switch between the two forms 1:1 using a dApp.

  3. Let's give it a massive supply to make it affordable and fun.

  4. Finally, create a customization dApp where users can add traits to their tokenized base layer canvas. Virtually endless combinations are possible. Redeem your token to mind your custom creation.

This model combines NFTs with memecoins in a way that can both scale for large communities and introduce endless variety.

It's the first meme-fungible token (MFT)!

A diagram for the tech-savvy people out there 🤓

But how does this look in practice? Introducing Non-Playable Coin (NPC) ...

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