๐Ÿ”„But What Are Meme Fungible Tokens (MFTs)?

It's high time we have a new class of NFTs that are tradable like memecoins. We're calling them meme fungible tokens (MFTs) and Non-Playable Coin (NPC) is the first.

Defining the Term

A Meme Fungible Token (MFT) is a type of token that holds the metadata of a JPEG, and can be transformed into a tradable token on Uniswap and other decentralized exchanges.

MFTs are essentially high-supply, liquid JPEGs that are versatile in all markets. It's basically a JPEG that trades like a meme coin.

Converting between Two Markets

A core feature of MFTs is you can trade them anywhere.

MFTs can convert between being a JPEG (ERC1155)โ€”tradable on NFT marketplacesโ€”and a meme coin (ERC20), tradable on Uniswap.

These two tokens are identical in value. You can convert using a wrapper.

Non-Playable Coin (NPC) is the first meme fungible token (MFT)

Just use the dApp on our home page to see how an MFT works in practice.

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